Another look at telecom expense management

Wireless Expense Management in an Increasingly Mobile World

In 2016, Google’s open-source accelerated mobile pages project (AMP) is set to go live, with “more than 250 contributions of new code, samples and documentation” being made over the past few weeks alone. Once this goes live, Internet surfing on mobile devices will become significantly faster. “Slow loading mobile pages” that “are notorious for sucking up mobile data usage and frustrating users” will begin to be remedied.

Big-name publishers who have expressed interest in AMP include The Guardian, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post. Google hasn’t released all of the details of AMP, but promises that it won’t affect traffic, analytics or other advertising data on websites.

And, as Google makes the mobile experience faster and more seamless, the reality is that more people are going to be using mobile devices even more often – and that includes people who are on YOUR company’s wireless plan.

Wireless Expense Management Best Practices

So, wireless expense management processes must be created, implemented and monitored to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your needs. You will also need to establish proper procedures to make sure you’re getting the secure and reliable access to data that your company and employees need.

Forrester predicts that 43% of the United States workforce will be telecommuting, at least in part, by 2016. That’s 63 million people, some of whom most likely work at your company.

And, to keep internal and external communications running smoothly, your wireless strategy is getting increasingly complicated. You’re busy – and so you may not be addressing the extra fees and other aspects of your wireless expenses as efficiently as you’d like.

But, accepting telecom bills at face value can be an expensive decision for your organization. Recent industry surveys show that that telecom overcharging is rampant and that the amount of overcharges can be significant — anywhere from 8-15%. Since the average company spends 5-10% of its operating on telecom bills, the dollar amounts can be considerable. Even a small company with $200,000 in annual telecom expenses could be missing an opportunity to deliver an extra $20,000 to their bottom line each year!

Telecom Expense Management Consulting Professionals

When you need telecom expense management, contact Fortune Consulting. We are recognized for our IT/telecom planning, plus financial and management expertise. Areas of focus include:

    • Voice/data network infrastructure design, optimization and implementation
    • Legacy system solutions
    • Solutions for the most advanced wire line and wireless technologies

Better yet, we are an INDEPENDENT consulting organization, which means that we don’t represent the interests of any specific carrier, product or service. Instead, we represent YOU and help you in your quest for telecom cost reduction.

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