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Cloud Computing Predictions Coming True?

In 2013, InfoWorld reported on Gartner predictions that forecast a very busy 2015 and 2016 because of the growth of cloud computing use. 2016, the article quoted, would be the “defining year for cloud as private cloud begins to give way to hybrid cloud, and nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017.”

The article’s writer, David Linthicum, agreed about the growth of cloud computing, but was somewhat skeptical about the hybrid portion of the prediction. His prediction? “Enterprises will use a variety of cloud models, including private and hybrid, resulting in a multi-cloud reality rather than a hybrid one. Already, enterprises are finding the cloud deployments that meet their requirements are more complex than private, public, or hybrid.”

Meanwhile, IDC Research VP Mary Johnston had predicted that hybrid cloud computing would be a $3.6 billion business by 2016 because these deployments offer the best of public and private cloud approaches. In their 2013 survey, half of the respondents listed a private cloud strategy while the other half were focusing on a hybrid approach.

It’s not just enough, of course, to simply choose a cloud computing strategy. Companies also need to restructure their management approaches to monitor and optimize their choices in an increasingly complex environment.

Role of Cloud Computing Consultants

As a white paper from Gartner points out, “Don’t assume you will save money unless you have done the hard work of honestly analyzing the situation. Utilize total cost of ownership and other models on a case-by-case basis . . . Keep revisiting analysis as the market and prices change often.”

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