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Transition to the Cloud with Experienced Cloud Computing Consultants

In June 2015, The Alternative Board (TAB) released results from a survey about cloud computing. They discovered that business owners were making the decision to migrate to the cloud to make their businesses more mobile and productive. The biggest challenge faced: poor employee training, which made the switch more complicated than it needed to be.

Meanwhile, a Bitglass survey indicates that the majority of chief information officers intend to use cloud computing-based applications in 2016, with about half of them already reporting cost savings because of software-as-a-service (SaaS) application use.

Simply deciding to move to the cloud, of course, is only step one. Businesses also need to determine what workloads are best aligned with cloud usage and then use the services that will allow the companies to receive the most benefits from its investment.

It’s also crucial to develop a well-thought out plan to ensure that implementation goes smoothly and to optimize ways of managing data.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Transition

These include:

      • Increased network flexibility
      • Increased employee access to data
      • Improved employee productivity
      • Reduced administration burdens
      • Reduced costs, overall, of technology

Your IT team will no longer need to spend resources of time and money to update outdated software or ongoing server updates. Statistics indicate that up to 80% of IT budgets are spent on routine maintenance. Cloud computing reduces that figure and allows IT professionals to spend more time thinking strategically about business growth. Plus, your employees can access information wherever they are, which is a significant benefit to a mobile workforce.

Forbes shares another key benefit to cloud computing – and that’s a significantly smoother transition if a merger or acquisition takes place. Merging data and records from one system to another was so arduous in the past that it was often a “sticking point” of mergers, one that could hold up the process for months, even years. Although this process still needs to occur, it is much faster in the cloud.

If you’re ready to minimize the impact of a transition to the cloud, contact Fortune Consulting and we will:

      • create an appropriate roadmap that is specific to your organization
      • guide you in avoiding impediments to success
      • manage the conversion to minimize downtime

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