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Gartner Highlights Fortune Consulting in Telecom Audit Research Paper

Gartner is one of the world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies, delivering technology-related insights to corporate leaders and governmental agencies. One of its key roles: conducting independent research on crucial IT-related topics, providing practical, useful and objective insights.

A few years ago, they released the following report: Historical Telecom Audit is Still a Valuable Function. The conclusion? That telecom audits provide an excellent means for immediately adding funds back into the budget – and who wouldn’t want that?

Here are a few more highlights:

    • Companies that do NOT regularly audit their telecommunications invoices typically forfeit 10% or more of their network services spending
    • Telecommunications audits recover overpayments, identify stranded assets and increase budget efficiency
    • It is increasingly more difficult for companies to audit their own telecommunications invoices and reconcile network inventories, in part because of lack of company resources; in part because of the degree of staff understanding of telecommunications services, terms and conditions; and in part because of confusing billing formats
    • Billing errors have become more frequent as carrier billing systems have consolidated and as the complexity of services has increased
    • Numbers of line items in telecom invoices have increased, causing the audit process to become more complex, requiring extra diligence

Best Practices for a Quality Telecommunications Audit

Gartner lists the following for companies:

    • Outline a specific statement of work and insist that all invoices be audited.
    • Always prepare a formal RFP.
    • Select independent consultants who are not reselling networking services.
    • Audit to the USOC level to provide a detailed depiction of all elements.
    • Do not allow ongoing fees to exceed 12 months or beyond the term of the NSP contract.
    • Assess the accuracy of the enterprise’s current network assets and inventories.
    • Prior to signing a contract, negotiate what level of on-site inspection will be included and the cost for additional sites.

Fortune Consulting: Your Independent Quality Telecom Consultants

As noted in Gartner’s best practices, it’s important to have an independent telecom consultant do your audit – and, not only is Fortune Consulting independent, we are also highlighted in Gartner’s report as a company often mentioned in their discussions of quality audits.

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