New tax incentive services and expense reduction services

We’re Still Your Telecom Consultants, But Have Expanded Our Offerings

We’ve got a big announcement to make! Yes, we will still be offering all of our telecom expense management audits and other telecommunication services, but even more services will be provided to help your company’s bottom line, including tax incentive and expense reduction services.

Tax Incentive Services

  • •  R & D tax advisors: In 2004, changes in tax regulation made the Research & Development Tax Credit a real opportunity for companies that qualify. These companies can get significant tax credits when developing (or improving) their process or product. Our team will maximize the incentive for your company while strictly adhering to each section of the code. You will receive complete documentation about our findings.
  • •  Commercial cost segregation analysis: Let us help you to determine when you can reclassify commercial property into a more rapidly depreciating category, which can significantly free up cash flow. Best of all, you don’t need new buildings or renovations to qualify, and numerous property owners are not taking advantage of this tax savings. Our team will evaluate your current status and discuss future plans before deciding if a full study makes sense.
  • •  Commercial property tax reduction services: Property taxes are the second largest recurring charge when you own commercial property (income taxes being the first). Let’s make sure that you aren’t being overcharged, and let us determine all opportunities for refunds and/or reductions in property taxes.
  • •  Hiring tax credit consultants: Are you creating net positive new jobs? dealing with high turnover? experiencing seasonal employment variations? We will maximize your hiring incentives, looking at local, state and federal programs.

Expense Reduction Services

  • •  Credit card audit services: The credit card payment industry is complicated, indeed, with hundreds of intercharge rates that vary based on card brand and type, transaction amounts and more. These fees are reissued annually in April and October. Let us be your navigators and reduce payment processing expenses.
  • •  Utility bill auditing: Utility charges are complicated, which opens the door up for hidden costs, overcharges from errors, charges from services your company isn’t receiving and more. Even a $10 error, per day, adds up to more than $3,000 per year. Our utility bill audit reviews gas bills, electric bills, water and sewer, to look for discrepancies and errors.
    • ο  electric energy auction consultants: In many states, you can lower the cost of elecricity by changing suppliers, with savings of up to 20% possible. Let us put you in control in a fully transparent competitive bidding process.
    • ο  gas energy auction consultants: Just as with electricity, you can save up to 20% on gas bills in many states through a competitive bidding process. Let us help you save money!
  • •  Employee benefits consulting firm: An average family of four will have $3,300 in out of pocket medical expenses annually, and our medical reimbursement plan can reimburse your employees up to 75%. This plan is set up to be funded by tax savings, making it zero cost for your company and its employees.
  • •  Looking to reduce shipping costs? Extra shipping costs deduct money from your bottom line, so our audit will identify ways to recover those dollars and prevent this loss in the future. Save money with our data-driven process.
  • •  Waste management audit: You very well may be overpaying thousands of dollars on you waste disposal bill, so allow us to identify hidden overcharges and find cost opportunities for you, along with potential refunds and credits.
  • •  Workers compensation audit: Workers compensation insurance typically comes with more than 700 approved classification codes, with their interpretation varying from state to state. In our experience, a full 70% of companies overpay on this insurance and are likely overpaying still today. Let us audit your insurance. We may even be able to recover past overpayments!

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