RFP services: let us help you create and/or respond

RFP Services: We Take out the Fear of Requests for Proposals

Let’s say that your company has a chance to bid on a lucrative new contract and procuring this contract would do wonders for your company’s bottom line. You know that your company can provide excellent services – but one thing stands in your way: to go after the business, you need to create a proposal according to the standards set by the request for proposal (RFP) document.

You’re not used to this procedure. So, what do you do?

First of all, take a deep breath. There are advantages to participating in an RFP procedure. They include:

    • You know exactly what is needed to bid.
    • This levels the playing field, because all interested companies need to present the same type of information.
    • Some other companies won’t go through the hassle of creating a customized proposal, so some competition drops out.
    • Still other companies will send a proposal, but it won’t fit the guidelines. So, more competition knocks itself out.

RFP Support Services to the Rescue

There’s a reason why some companies don’t participate in RFP processes – or don’t do them well. Several reasons, actually, including:

    • they are typically hard to interpret
    • even harder to develop
    • often with tight deadlines, making it hard to respond in a timely and accurate manner

Fortunately, Fortune Consulting has helped many sales professionals overcome this phobia to successfully compete and even thrive in the RFP area. Here is our formula for success:

RFP Services Flow

The Other Side of RFP Services

Perhaps your company wants to collect bids for a service using the RFP process – but you aren’t sure how to create a process that precisely fits your needs in a way that creates a level playing field for all who submit – and we can help. We can also ensure that an upfront evaluation process is created to assure a fair and accurate outcome. So, if you need to develop an RFP for IT services, telecom related, then we’re the experienced choice.

Don’t let RPF-phobia stand in your way to success! Contact us online for your RFP support services online or by phone at 888-692-5111.